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Here are the best features that makes IGDB the most powerful and fastest game information API.

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Not finding a plan that fits your budget?
This tier includes everything that the Pro tier includes for a reduced price and is intended for non-commercial or projects that haven't yet been monetized:

In order to apply for this tier you need to fulfil the following requirements:
  • Your project needs to be live
  • For consumer oriented projects you will be asked to implement IGDB Login. Allowing our community to login into your service using their IGDB credentials
  • Data exchange: You exchange data with us (e.g. game ratings or metadata), and allow us to share it with all of our API users. This way you improve our database and help smaller projects in a way that is mutually beneficial.
  • Give us credit: By showing our logo, stating that “The data is provided by IGDB.com” you give us credit and allow other users to find the API.


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Customized request limit to fit your needs
5000 results per-page
No offset limit
CORS support (coming soon)
Game Achievements
External IDs
Dedicated Support

If you require enterprise grade level of requests and features.

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  Free Pro Enterprise
Price/Month $0 $99 Custom
Limits/Month 10k requests 50k requests unlimitted requests
Page Limit 25 100 5000
Offset Limit 150 5000 No Limit
SSL Support Yes Yes Yes
CORS (coming soon) Yes Yes Yes
Game Achievements No Yes Yes
External IDs No Yes Yes
Multi-querying No Yes Yes
Webhooks No Yes Yes
Support Community Premium Dedicated
Linkback required Yes No No
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CORS (Coming Soon)

Enable client-side requests through websites or Ionic apps by enabling CORS headers for your api key. Read more about it here.

Want to save money?

Partner Program

Join our partner program! Email dev@igdb.se to find out how.

  • Use IGDB oauth login
  • Exchange Data with us (Reviews, Lists, Ratings or Other Data)

Not finding a plan that fits your budget?


Am I allowed to develop commercial products using the API?

Yes, of course.

Am I allowed to develop products that could be considered competition for IGDB.com?

Yes you are! We thrive on competition and the Internet is certainly big enough for the both of us!

Am I allowed to cache data/store data locally using the API?

Yes you are! Caching is good for both user experience and minimizing requests to the API server.